Inter-Narratives is a community, a space for folk working on (or who are curious about) narrative change and the role it plays in system change.

Recognising that the converging crises we face are not singular issues, but the setting for the era we live in, this is a place for weaving understanding, insight and strategy. A place where we can exchange intelligence about narrative change.

We are a growing community of 120+ organisations, which includes charities, movements and think tanks, as well as funders, media outlets and creative studios. As a community we are ‘movement generous’, sharing work in a spirit of reciprocity, across diverse spaces from climate and social justice to new economics and countering hate.

We bring together our community on a regular basis so they can share their latest narrative work with each other. One of our six expert curators, representing different issue areas and practice, convenes a public session every other month. In the intervening months we gather the community to share and discuss work.

We also share narrative insights, and work out in the world, in this fortnightly public Substack newsletter, and amplify narrative work through our Medium publication.

There is so much brilliant narrative work out there. We hope to support the mobilisation of this work, help communicators everywhere learn from each other, and have more symphony, less cacophony.

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For individuals and organisations that work with narrative regeneration and justice in these turbulent, in-between times.